Noogoora Bur


General description

Erect, annual herb <1m high. Stems have purple blotches, & covered in short, upward pointing hairs. Roughly textured, dark green leaves have minute bristles, hairs & prominent veins. Inconspicuous flowers (Jan-Mar) clustered at ends of branches. Hard, brown, woody burs with numerous spikes & hooks each contain two seeds.

Pasture, open areas, roadsides. Prefers warm conditions on disturbed & fertile soil.

Seed dispersed by clinging to wool, fur, clothing & machinery. Also in agricultural seeds & gravel. Air pockets on spines of burs aids dispersal by water.

Seeds are poisonous to stock, particularly pigs & cattle. Burs contaminate wool, compete with pasture species & can carry some fungal diseases capable of infecting horticultural plants

Site management

Plants must be treated before any burs are formed to ensure seeding is prevented. Re-sowing after plant removal is essential.

Recommended approaches

1. Pull or grub out scattered plants.
2. Mow or rotary slash before burs form.

Caution: when using any herbicide or pesticide PLEASE READ THE LABEL THOROUGHLY to ensure that all instructions and safety requirements are followed.

Similar species

bathurst bur
Xanthium spinosum

Bathurst bur's leaves are narrower and have three spines beneath each leaf.

Arctium minus

Burdock has small red purple flowers, the burs have many more smaller spines. The plant is a perennial.

RPMS status

Surveillance - Whole Region
Noogoora bur - Main species image