Buttercup Bush

Mexico, S. America

General description

Shrub 2-3m tall, leaflets ovate-elliptic in 3-5 opposite pairs, clustered pea like yellow flowers (Dec-April), ‘pea-pod’ seed capsule.

Disturbed forest & shrubland

Wind/gravity/water dispersed seed capsules.

Fixes nitrogen, effects low-fertility sites.

Site management

May reoccur from seedbank for many years.

Recommended approaches

1. Dig out or pull small plants. Dispose.
2. Cut and stump paint (2g metsulfuron/L or 100mls Tordon BK/10L). All year round.
3. Cut & squirt- 1 cut /100 stem diam (1g metsulfuron or 5 ml Tordon BK /cut). All year round.
4. Spray (5g metsulfuron + penetrant/10L or 60ml Tordon BK/10L). Spring-Summer.

Caution: when using any herbicide or pesticide PLEASE READ THE LABEL THOROUGHLY to ensure that all instructions and safety requirements are followed.

Similar species

downy senna
Senna multiglandulosa

Downy senna is a taller shrub, has more leaflet pairs (4-8) and the leaves and the branchlets are densely hairy.

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RPMS status

Surveillance - Hauraki Gulf Islands
buttercup bush - Main species image