Taiwan Cherry

East Asia

General description

Deciduous small tree up to 8 m high. Leaves cherry-like, usually 60-130 by 20-60 mm, thin and on 12-20 mm petioles. Leaves serrated. Flowers deep red, bell-shaped in clusters of 2-3. Shiny scarlet fruit up to 12 x 10 mm in size.

Forest edges, garden escape.

Bird dispersed seeds, garden dumping.

Site management

Usually easy to control. Follow up on new seedlings for 2 years.

Recommended approaches

1. This species is included because it is one of the species to be researched in the 2007-2012 Auckland Regional Pest Management Strategy.
2. Stump swab (1g metsulfuron/L or 10mls Tordon BK/1L). All year round.
3. Drill & fill 1 hole/50 mm diam (1g metsulfuron or 10mls Tordon BK). All year round.
4. Cut & squirt per 50mm (1g metsulfuron or 10 mls Tordon BK ). All year round.
5. Frilling (1g metsulfuron/L or 10mls Tordon BK/1L). All year round.
6. Spray (5g metsulfuron + 10ml penetrant/10L or 60mls Tordon BK + 10mls penetrant/10L) summer.

Caution: when using any herbicide or pesticide PLEASE READ THE LABEL THOROUGHLY to ensure that all instructions and safety requirements are followed.

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RPMS status

Species to be researched (not a Pest Plant) - Whole Region
Taiwan cherry - Main species image