Formosa Lily


General description

Lily with simple stem to about 75 cm. Stems root freely at ground level. Many dark-green narrow strap-like leaves to about 13 cm long. Distinctive large white trumpet-like flowers, often tinged purple on the outside (Jan-Mar). Flowers are scented. Brown papery cylindrical seed capsule (Feb-April).

Terrestrial: disturbed areas, road sides, sand dunes.

People, gravity, wind and water. Spreads vegetatively.

Competes with native plants.

Site management

Recommended approaches

1. Pull off flowers and pull out plant (this will not kill the plant, as it has an underground bulb - but will prevent plant from setting seed and reduce its vigour).
2. Foliar spray (5g metsulfuron/10L).

Caution: when using any herbicide or pesticide PLEASE READ THE LABEL THOROUGHLY to ensure that all instructions and safety requirements are followed.

RPMS status

Surveillance - Whole Region
National Pest Plant Accord species - nationwide
Formosa lily - Main species image