Also known as:
Oxylobium Lanceolatum
West Australia

General description

Tall, silvery, evergreen shrub. Oval upright leaves on stems covered with silky hair. Conspicuous orange-yellow flower spikes (Nov) with reddish markings. Half-moon-shaped seedpod.

Waste places, shrubland, sandy coastal sites.

Seeds spread locally by pod burst. Germination greatly enhanced by fire.

Forms dense stands in shrublands but long-term impact unknown. Fixes nitrogen.

Site management

Avoid soil disturbance & fire at all times. Clear from roadsides, metal dumps, etc.

Recommended approaches

1. Hand pull small plants.
2. Cut & stump paint (2g metsulfuron/1L or 100ml Tordon BK/1L).
3. Spray spring - summer, (5g metsulfuron+10ml penetrant/10L or 60ml Tordon BK+10ml penetrant/10L).

Caution: when using any herbicide or pesticide PLEASE READ THE LABEL THOROUGHLY to ensure that all instructions and safety requirements are followed.

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RPMS status

Surveillance - Whole Region
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