Bushy Asparagus

Also known as:
Asparagus Densiflorus
South Africa

General description

Much-branched, spiny evergreen, scrambling perennial herb. Hairless stems have numerous branchlets with 10mm long spines. Thick mat of tuberous roots. Thin green leaves with distinctive midribs. Small white flowers (Oct-Mar). Red berries.

Sand dunes, coastal scrublands, low forest, roadsides, forest margins. Prefers warm- temperate climate, light infertile soils, in shade or open understorey.

Seeds dispersed by birds. Vegetative spread if rhizomes & tubers dumped.

Forms mass of aerial stems & foliage, suppressing other species. Prevents regeneration. Spiny nature impedes movement.

Site management

Maintain rolling front of control. Always follow up on treated areas at least 6 monthly. Replant treated areas where possible after 2-3 treatments to establish dense ground cover & minimise reinvasion.

Recommended approaches

1. Grub out small infestations removing all rhizomes.
2. Weed wipe spring -summer (300ml glyphosate/1L, no penetrant).
3. Spray lightly spring-early summer (200ml glyphosate/10L. Do not add penetrant when spraying against tree trunks).

Caution: when using any herbicide or pesticide PLEASE READ THE LABEL THOROUGHLY to ensure that all instructions and safety requirements are followed.

Similar species

asparagus fern
Asparagus setaceus

Finer 'feathery' leaflets (cladodes), cladodes appear spiny but softer than bushy asparagus.

climbing asparagus
Asparagus scandens

Finer 'feathery' leaflets (cladodes) with no spines.

RPMS status

Containment (removal) - Whole Region
Surveillance - Whole Region
bushy asparagus - Main species image