Bangalow Palm


General description

Rainforest palm growing to 14m. Grey trunk with a uniform diameter. Straight crownshaft, colour varies (grey, purple, dark green). Leaves 2-4m long, pinnate, bright green with a prominent midrib. New leaves usually are a pink-red colour. Dark purple flowers (1m) grow out from the base of the crownshaft (spring - summer). The small (1.5cm) green, fruit of the palm ripen to bright red (late summer - autumn).

Prefers habitats similar to those of nikau: gullies, stream banks, swampy areas. Grows readily in shaded area of canopy cover.

Self-fertile, setting large amounts of seed. Bird, water and gravity dispersed seed.

It has the potential to establish in native plant habitats and has a similar habitat to nikau.

Site management

Recommended approaches

This species is included because it is one of the species to be researched in the 2007-2012 Auckland Regional Pest Management Strategy.

Caution: when using any herbicide or pesticide PLEASE READ THE LABEL THOROUGHLY to ensure that all instructions and safety requirements are followed.

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Species to be researched (not a Pest Plant) - Whole Region
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