Kangaroo Acacia

Also known as:
Kangaroo Thorn, Paradox Acacia

General description

Shrub or small tree <3m high. Alternate, sparsely hairy leaves [actually flattened leaf stems] with thin stiff spines at base. Golden, pea-like flowerheads (Jul-Oct); hairy seedpods.

Waste places, scrubland, forest margins. Tolerates poor soils.

Seeds dispersed locally.

Forms tall thickets in disturbed & bare sites, inhibiting regrowth. Nitrogen fixing, alters species composition.

Site management

Succeeded in tall canopy habitats by native spp. (not in kauri or tänekaha forest). Natural regeneration can be speeded by slashing, selective spraying replanting of shade-creating spp.

Recommended approaches

1. Dig out small plants minimising soil disturbance.
2. Cut & stump paint larger plants (5g metsulfuron/1L or 50ml triclopyr/1L).
3. Spray spring -summer, (60ml triclopyr +10ml penetrant/10L).

Caution: when using any herbicide or pesticide PLEASE READ THE LABEL THOROUGHLY to ensure that all instructions and safety requirements are followed.

Similar species

prickly moses
Acacia verticillata

Prickly Moses has thinner “leaves” and has pale yellow flowers.

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RPMS status

Surveillance - Whole Region
kangaroo acacia - Main species image