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acacia species

Acacia Species

Acacia spp.

Also known as wattle



Alnus glutinosa

Also known as European alder, Black alder

angel's trumpet

Angel's Trumpet

Brugmansia candida

Also known as datura

apple of sodom

Apple Of Sodom

Solanum linnaeanum

Also known as sea apple, thorny apple

Asiatic knotweed, giant knotweed

Asiatic Knotweed, Giant Knotweed

Fallopia japonica, F sachalinensis

Also known as Polygonum japonicum, P. sachalinensis, Reynoutria japonica, R sachalinensis

baccharis, groundsel bush

Baccharis, Groundsel Bush

Baccharis halimifolia
bangalow palm

Bangalow Palm

Archontophoenix cunninghamiana


Berberis glaucocarpa


Bartlettina sordida
bead tree

Bead Tree

Adenanthera pavonina

Also known as saga seed tree, red sandalwood tree, coral bean tree

blackberry (wild aggregates)

Blackberry (Wild Aggregates)

Rubus fruiticosus agg.

Also known as bramble

blue spur flower

Blue Spur Flower

Plectranthus ecklonii, P. grandis

Also known as large spur-flower bush, mauve plectranthus

Bolivian fuchsia

Bolivian Fuchsia

Fuchsia boliviana


Chrysanthemoides monilifera

Also known as saltbush



Lycium ferocissimum

Also known as African boxthorn

Brazilian pepper tree

Brazilian Pepper Tree

Schinus terebinthifolius

Also known as christmas berry

Brazilian rattlebox

Brazilian Rattlebox

Sesbania punicea

Also known as scarlet wisteria, Chinese wisteria, red sesbania, coffee weed

brush cherry

Brush Cherry

Syzygium australe

Also known as purple monkey apple

brush wattle

Brush Wattle

Paraserianthes lophantha

Also known as Acacia lophantha, shrub wattle



Buddleja davidii

Also known as butterfly bush

buttercup bush

Buttercup Bush

Senna septemtrionalis
camphor laurel

Camphor Laurel

Cinnamomum camphora
Cape honey flower

Cape Honey Flower

Melianthus major

Also known as giant honey flower, honey bush, false castor oil plant

Cape honeysuckle

Cape Honeysuckle

Tecomaria capensis
castor oil plant

Castor Oil Plant

Ricinus communis

Also known as castor bean



Casuarina glauca

Also known as grey sheoak, swamp oak

Chinese fan palm

Chinese Fan Palm

Trachycarpus fortunei

Also known as Chinese windmill palm

Chinese privet

Chinese Privet

Ligustrum sinense

Also known as small leaved privet

climbing fig

Climbing Fig

Ficus pumila
coast banksia

Coast Banksia

Banksia integrifolia

Also known as coastal banksia

coral tree

Coral Tree

Erythrina crista-galli


Cotoneaster glaucophyllus, C. franchetii
crack willow

Crack Willow

Salix fragilis
dally pine

Dally Pine

Psoralea pinnata

Also known as Cut-leaved psoralea, pine weed, blue pine, green pine, greenweed

Darwin's barberry

Darwin's Barberry

Berberis darwinii

Also known as darwins barberry

devil's fig

Devil's Fig

Solanum torvum

Also known as turkey berry

drooping prickly pear

Drooping Prickly Pear

Opuntia monacantha


Elaeagnus x reflexa

Also known as eleagnus

false tamarisk

False Tamarisk

Myricaria germanica

Also known as German tamarisk

feral olive

Feral Olive

Olea europea
fire tree

Fire Tree

Myrica faya

Also known as Morella faya, candleberry myrtle, firebush, faya tree



Pyracantha angustifolia

Also known as orange firethorn



Ulex spp.
green cestrum

Green Cestrum

Cestrum parqui

Also known as Chilean cestrum

grey willow

Grey Willow

Salix cinerea

Also known as pussy willow, shrub willow, sallow



Eucalyptus spp.


Crataegus monogyna

Also known as hawthorne



Calluna vulgaris

Also known as Scotch heather, ling

Himalayan honeysuckle

Himalayan Honeysuckle

Leycesteria formosa

Also known as Elishas tears

Italian jasmine

Italian Jasmine

Jasminum humile

Also known as yellow jasmine

Japanese spindle tree

Japanese Spindle Tree

Euonymus japonicus

Also known as Japanese spindleberry

Japanese walnut

Japanese Walnut

Juglans ailantifolia
Jerusalem cherry

Jerusalem Cherry

Solanum pseudocapsicum

Also known as Madeira winter cherry

kangaroo acacia

Kangaroo Acacia

Acacia paradoxa

Also known as kangaroo thorn, paradox acacia

khasia berry

Khasia Berry

Cotoneaster simonsii

Also known as Himalayan cotoneaster



Lantana camara

Also known as red flowered sage, shrub verbena, wild sage, yellow sage

lodgepole pine

Lodgepole Pine

Pinus contorta

Also known as contorta pine



Eriobotrya japonica
Mickey Mouse plant

Mickey Mouse Plant

Ochna serrulata
monkey apple

Monkey Apple

Syzygium smithii

Also known as Acmena smithii, Acmena, lilly pilly (this common name is also used for other non-weedy species)

montpellier broom

Montpellier Broom

Teline monspessullana
Moreton Bay fig

Moreton Bay Fig

Ficus macrophylla
Mysore thorn

Mysore Thorn

Caesalpinia decapetala
Norfolk Island hibiscus

Norfolk Island Hibiscus

Lagunaria patersonii

Also known as white oak, pyramid tree, whitewood, cow itch tree



Callistachys lanceolata

Also known as Oxylobium lanceolatum

paperbark poplar

Paperbark Poplar

Melaleuca quinquenervia

Also known as broadleaf paperbark

phoenix palm

Phoenix Palm

Phoenix canariensis

Also known as Canary Island palm, Canary date palm, Canary Island date palm



Pinus spp.

Also known as Monterey pine, wilding pine, maritime pine, Scots pine, ponderosa pine, Corsican pine

Port Jackson fig

Port Jackson Fig

Ficus rubiginosa
prickly hakea, downy hakea

Prickly Hakea, Downy Hakea

Hakea sericea, H. gibbosa
prickly moses

Prickly Moses

Acacia verticillata
purple guava/ yellow guava

Purple Guava/ Yellow Guava

Psidium cattleianum/ P. guajava

Also known as guava

queen of the night

Queen Of The Night

Cestrum nocturnum
Queensland poplar

Queensland Poplar

Homalanthus populifolius

Also known as bleeding heart tree, poplar leaved omalanthus

Queensland umbrella tree

Queensland Umbrella Tree

Schefflera actinophylla

Also known as octopus tree, lipstick palm

red cestrum

Red Cestrum

Cestrum elegans/C.fasciculatum

Also known as purple cestrum

rhamnus (evergreen buckthorn)

Rhamnus (Evergreen Buckthorn)

Rhamnus alaternus

Also known as Italian buckthorn

rhus tree

Rhus Tree

Toxicodendron succedaneum

Also known as wax tree, Japanese wax tree, poison sumac, Rhus succedanea

Sexton's bride

Sexton's Bride

Rhaphiolepis umbellata

Also known as Indian hawthorn, Yeddo hawthorn

shrub balsam

Shrub Balsam

Impatiens sodenii
silky acacia

Silky Acacia

Albizia julibrissin

Also known as mimosa

silver poplar

Silver Poplar

Populus alba

Also known as white poplar

Spanish heath

Spanish Heath

Erica lusitanica
spiny broom

Spiny Broom

Calicotome spinosa
strangling fig

Strangling Fig

Ficus microcarpa
sweet briar

Sweet Briar

Rosa rubiginosa

Also known as briar rose, eglantine rose

sweet pea shrub

Sweet Pea Shrub

Polygala myrtifolia (not incl. cv. “Grandiflora”)

Also known as parrot bush, September bush, myrtle-leaf milkwort

sweet pittosporum

Sweet Pittosporum

Pittosporum undulatum

Also known as Victorian box, Australian cheesewood



Acer psuedoplanatus

Also known as sycamore maple

Sydney golden wattle

Sydney Golden Wattle

Acacia longifolia

Also known as Racosperma longifolium

Taiwan cherry

Taiwan Cherry

Prunus campanulata
Tasmanian ngaio

Tasmanian Ngaio

Myoporum insulare including hybrids

Also known as boobialla

trailing lantana

Trailing Lantana

Lantana montevidensis

Also known as weeping lantana

tree lupin

Tree Lupin

Lupinus arboreus
tree of heaven

Tree Of Heaven

Ailanthus altissima

Also known as ailanthus

tree privet

Tree Privet

Ligustrum lucidum

Also known as hedge privet, broad leaf privet

velvet groundsel

Velvet Groundsel

Roldana petasitis

Also known as Senecio petasites, California geranium

white-edged nightshade

White-Edged Nightshade

Solanum marginatum

Also known as white edged nightshade, white edge nightshade

wild broom

Wild Broom

Cytisus scoparius
wild tamarind

Wild Tamarind

Leucaena leucocephala

Also known as lead tree

willow leaved hakea

Willow Leaved Hakea

Hakea salicifolia


Salix spp.
woolly nightshade

Woolly Nightshade

Solanum mauritianum

Also known as tobacco weed, flannel leaf, kerosene plant